Juli Mallett is the primary developer of WANProxy, originally developing the core event system and other infrastructure for a mobile devices startup, Marvelous Proof. The deduplication codec came from a personal project to work on improving home network performance in the face of significant packet loss. She has continued to be the primary developer, although others have contributed bug fixes and have otherwise assisted in the development of WANProxy, such as by developing experimental features, providing commercial support and improving the integration of WANProxy into both commercial platforms and the packaging systems of open source operating systems. Some of those contributors and supporters are listed below:

  • Diego Woitasen
  • Andrea Soster
  • Patrick Kelsey
  • Robert Thompson

In addition to those who have provided direct assistance with the development and support of WANProxy, those who are active on the WANProxy mailing list have generously provided their time and experience to assist other users in using and deploying WANProxy. Thanks, too, to those who have evangelized for and written about WANProxy in the press and on their personal and professional blogs, who are too numerous to name, but whose support is greatly appreciated and without which WANProxy would not be so successful and useful as it is today. Open source software is nothing without a community which embraces it.

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